SendMeGP Internship Program

Equipping The Next Generation of Church Leadership

SendMeGP is a 1-2 year discipleship program where young adults have the unique opportunity to build a foundation with Christ while still having the flexibility to attend a local community college or work at a job to help support their financial needs.

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Request a Service

Do you want to have our interns come and serve at your church or Christian Organization? We are here to serve you, and can help with things like an outreach event, youth group, or speaking at a chapel, event or service. Or, do you have opportunities to serve on your campus (such as cleanup, maintenance etc). Then fill out the request form below.
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Donate to SendMeGP

Do you want to give a general donation to our Internship Program? You can do that online by selecting “SendMeGP” in the giving dropdown menu. If you are interested in helping a specific Intern, please speak with that intern, this donation option goes to the programs general fund and is a tax deductible donation.
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